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Advances in Flowable Composite Technologies

Pentron -August 2009


A Fresh Web-based Approach to Managing Your Practice.

Curve Dental - Dentaltown November 2009


Core Materials Which To Choose and Which To Use

Pentron - November 2009


Simplifying Restorative Dentistry Using Self Adhesive Flowable Composites

Kerr February 2010


STA- Single Tooth Anesthesia

February 2010


Advances in Flowable Composite Self-Etch Technologies

Pentron/Dental Product Shopper November 2010


Curing Composites Is More Then Shining A Light

Kerr December 2010

New Techniques for Visual Caries Detection

Acteon November 2011

Imaging For Better Diagnosis and Patient Education

Air Techniques December 2011

Better Diagnosis and Treatment Through Advanced Imaging

Acteon September 2012

Accurate and Efficient Crown and Bridge Preparations and Impressions

Premier Dental July 2013


Reconstructing Broken Down and Endodontically Treated Teeth

Voco August 2013

Imaging for Better Diagnosis, Treatment and Record Keeping

Air Techniques September 2013

Digital Radiography Using Phosphor Plate Technology: Diagnosis, Educate and Save Money.
Dental Product Shopper March 2014