Why Use  Me As Your Dental Technology Coach?

Get your questions answered without worrying about someone selling you something?

  • As a fee based consultant I work for you! I don't sell anything but my expertise.
  • What new technologies are available? Will these technologies fit my practice and style?
  • How do I optimize the use of technology I already have in the office?
  • How do I create a high tech practice on a limited budget?
  • How can technology increase the financial bottom line?

My Experience Shows!

I have been interested in electronics and computers since I was a teen. I got my amateur radio license at the age of fourteen. After graduating from dental school I started building my own computers. Transitioning into dentistry allowed me to experience an ever increasing amount of technology. Later, I started consulting with various dental companies on the use of technologies and helping them to bring products to market. As a practicing dentist I understand what it takes to integrate technology into your practice.

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