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Your Practice In The Palm Of Your Hand

         Winter 2003 New Jersey Dental Association Magazine


Smart Phone Smart Practice

         Dental Economics August 2004


Implementing Change and Integrating New Skills Into Your Practice

         Strategies In Dentistry Fall 2005


An Innovation In Canal Irrigation

       Endodontic Therapy Spring 2007


Patient Reminder Communications-An Online Approach

       Dental Economics August 2007


Using the STA System to Produce Profound Anesthesia

       Inside Dentistry September 2007


Using an Automated Mixer to Prepare Impression Materials

         Inside Dentistry September 2007


Integrating Laser Technology into a General Dental Practice

         Inside Dentistry October 2007


Implementing Digital Radiography Into Your Practice

       Inside Dentistry March 2008


A Roadmap for Acquiring and Implementing Technology in Your Dental Practice

Woman Dentist Journal January 2008/NJ Dental Association Magazine Winter 2008


A Five-Step Plan for Elevating Your Personal Standard

Of Care for Treating Periodontal Disease

Inside Dentistry July 2008


Post Restoration of an Endodontically Treated Maxillary Canine Fall 2008


Patient Education Software Can Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance

Inside Dentistry September 2008


Nanotechnology in composite and core materials: What is it and why it is important.

Dental Products Report October 2008


The Secret To Technology Success

Dr. January 2009


Implementing Patient Education Software

Dentrix Dental Systems January to December 2009


Practice Management Software Update- The Chartless Office Is Closer Than You Think.

Inside Dentistry July/August 2009


Beyond The Explorer: Caries Detection In The 21st Century

Minimal Invasive Dentistry October 2009


Can You Trust The Cloud?

Dentistry IQ December 2009


21st Century Caries Detection- Sharpening Our Diagnostic Abilities

Dentistry IQ December 2009


NuTorque Programable Electric Handpiece

Inside Dentistry March 2010


Laser Dentistry For the General Dentist

Dentistry IQ March 2010


Closed, open, and selectively open CAD/CAM architecture

Dentistry IQ October 2010


Review of DentalEZ EverLight

Dental Product Shopper – From The Podium –November 2010


Practice Management Software: An Update -April 2011

Caries Detection- The Times They Are A Changin’

Dental Products Report – June 2011

Is it time for the cloud to come to your practice?

Dental Economics - Cover article September 2011

Patient Education—Without the IT Headaches

Dental Product Shopper – From The Podium –October 2011

Digital Imaging for Cosmetic Cases

Inside Dentistry December 2011

Digital Radiography: Analyzing the Benefits

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry February 2012

Practice Management Software Update—The Chartless Office is Closer Than You Think

Inside Dental Assisting- April 2012

Soprolife-Diagnostic Technologies Are Changing Caries Detection

Dental Product Shopper-From The Podium- May 2012


Is 3-D Imaging The New Standard of Care

Inside Dentistry- Roundtable Exchange –June 2012


Patient Education Software

Inside Dentistry June 2012

Translucent Temporary Cement

Dental Product Shopper-From The Podium- October 2012

It May Be Time To Go Digital

Inside Dentistry November 2012

DDS Rescue

Dental Product Shopper-From The Podium- February 2013

Location independence for your practice management system

Dental Economics March 2013


The New Patient Examination

Dental Producut Shopper August 2013