May 2011 Meeting Planner Newsletter

State of the Art Diagnostics and the Virtual Digital Exam

Using state of the art diagnostics the examination appointment can be made as stress free as possible for the patient, while giving the dentist the information necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. This lecture will show the dentist and staff the benefits of a virtual examination and the devices used to acquire the diagnostics: Digital Radiography with both phosphor plates and sensors; Digital Images from both intra and extra oral cameras; ConeBeam Imaging; Oral Cancer Detection Devices and Caries Detection Devices.

The learning objectives

a.     How a virtual examination will make your physical examination more comprehensive

b.     Learn what is needed to do a virtual examination

c.     Digital Radiography –Understand the difference between Sensors and Phosphor Plates

d.     Advantages of intra and extra oral photography with a DSLR or Point and Shoot camera

e.     Understand why magnification and illumination should be the standard of care

f.      Learn the differences between enhanced caries detection devices

g.     How to save a life with enhanced oral cancer detection devices

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